[Video] Lead Like General Schwarzkopf

In this video General Norman Schwarzkopf shares his point of view on leadership.

Definitely an authority on the subject of leadership.

Before passing he had been in a leadership position for 40 years, at one point was in charge of an organization of over 750,000 people, and had led what historians term one of the most successful campaigns in U.S. military history.

Leadership in 1 Word

As General Schwarzkopf explains, there are so many things that are required of a good leader, but the one trait that is the most important for long term success as a leader is character.

When leaders compromise their character he/she loses the ability to influence people at the highest level.  And the most powerful skill required by an effective leader is the ability to influence people.

In order to influence people to accomplish the mission of an organization – whether that be to run a profitable business, lead a military operation, or lead a successful political administration – the people in the organization must respect the character of the leader.

Watch this video to learn General Schwarzkopf’s fundamentals of leadership that apply to any size or type of organization.

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