Do Not Work Again Until You Read these Time Management Tips

In consulting and coaching with business owners and sales professionals I'm amazed at how few of them actually take the time to plan out their day. Everybody knows that if we fail to plan we plan to fail. Many people do what I used to do and make a long list of things and go [...]

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[Video] What Everybody Ought to Know About Leadership

What defines a good leader? How do you know if you're a good, average, or poor leader? Check out this brief video and see where you rank as a leader.  It is short and informative and discusses... how deep your leadership goes within your organization the difference between a manager and a leader how to [...]

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The BIGGEST Lie In the Sales Industry

In traveling throughout North and South America and Europe working with top sales professionals and business owners I was surprised by what made these people so successful. It wasn't what I thought or, for that matter, what most people would think made these people the best at what they did. I thought the one thing most [...]

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Why You SHOULDN’T Be There for Your People

The facts are the more people you work with or the more employees you have the more interruptions you're going to have - if you allow it to happen. The funny, or not so funny thing, is that many of the interruptions you get from the people you work with have nothing to do with [...]

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