[Video] How the Next President Affects Your Business

It’s really important that we pay close attention to everything that’s going on right now with the presidential elections and what the candidates are saying.

Depending on who the next president is it can mean a huge increase or decrease in your sales and productivity, and your bank account.  In fact, it’s so important you might want to consider taking a few hours or a day off work to have a serious conversation about voting for the right person.

Ok, stop! 

You obviously know that everything I’ve said is false.  It doesn’t matter who the next president of the United States is.

You’ve got the guy with the weird hair, the guy with the fake hair, the guy with no hair that’s going to provide all the free stuff, the man and the woman with the right last names.

It doesn’t matter who wins the presidency because none of those people are going to run our business for us!

The president of the United States isn’t going to market for you, set your appointments, do your presentations, do your follow up, close your deals for you, handle your customer service, grow your business, or even save your business.  That’s responsibility is entirely ours.

Like they say…

You can’t hire someone to do you push ups for you.

Unfortunately, every 4 years precious time is wasted during productive work hours debating and arguing with co-workers, friends, or family about a bunch of political theater.  It’s a complete waste of time.

So What Should We Do?

When I was a kid one of my baseball coaches told me, “Stay out of the politics and just play the game.  The rest will take care of itself.”  Boy, does that apply here.

We need to stay out of the politics while we’re at work and just play our game.

Let’s not lose our focus and get caught up in all the hype with the debates.  Not one of those candidates is going to help you achieve your goals.

If It’s to Be It’s Up to Me

We need to take responsibility, we need to roll our sleeves up, we need to stay on course, and we need to execute our business plan because we control our own economy.

The next time a co-worker or anybody else at work tries to suck you into a conversation about “last night’s debate” or any other politics tell them to knock it off and that you don’t have the time for it bc you’re dealing with your own politics right now… and that’s doing your job.

They might be taken back by it upfront, but they’ll respect you in the long run because you’re going to get results because while everyone else is wasting time talking about non-sense you’ll stay productive and take care of business.

My Take on Politics

When it comes to politics I have no conversation for you.  Do your own research during non-productive hours, make a decision, go out and place your vote, and then get back to playing your game so you can take care of your future and your family.

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Mark Antonio is an international sales and social media marketing strategist with Boss Marketer. Mark is versed in many different industries and has worked as one of the top speaker, trainer, coaches with the Anthony Robbins Companies. In total, he is fluent in 3 languages and has traveled to over 35 different countries and spoken to over 300 companies and distinguished audiences including Mercedes Benz, American Express Financial, Santander, ArcellorMittal, Citibank, and Berkshire Hathaway to name a few.