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The BIGGEST Lie In the Sales Industry

In traveling throughout North and South America and Europe working with top sales professionals and business owners I was surprised by what made these people so successful. It wasn't what I thought or, for that matter, [...]

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Why You SHOULDN’T Be There for Your People

The facts are the more people you work with or the more employees you have the more interruptions you're going to have - if you allow it to happen. The funny, or not so funny [...]

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[Video] Do You Recognize the 4 Warning Signs of Disinterest?

One of the main reasons why prospects or clients feel uneasy when sales people ask for the sale is because they attempt to close many times before clients are even interested. It's our duty as professionals [...]

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How to Get 2 Extra Hours A Day

Our most precious asset isn't our home, bank account, stock portfolio, boat, car or anything else. In most instances, if you were to lose any of these things mentioned you have the knowledge and experience to [...]

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