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Overcoming Laziness In this video I'll show you a few actionable things you can do right now to overcome laziness, without it being "airy-fairy". If you’re a salesperson or a business owner it’s vital that we [...]

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How to Deal with Rejection in Sales The reason it’s important to know how to deal with rejection is because it’s an inevitable part of being a salesperson, a business person, or for that matter - a human being. As [...]

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Meet Mark Antonio

Mark Antonio is a Business Peak Performance Strategist with Boss Marketer.  He advises and consults with executives, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs in the areas of business and personal peak performance and sales and leadership mastery. [...]

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How To Go From Being An Interruption to Getting People’s Attention

If salespeople knew they would not fail they would contact more people and make more calls. So why don't salespeople make more contacts with people and make more sales calls? Simple... FEAR. People fear making [...]

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Do Not Work Again Until You Read these Time Management Tips

In consulting and coaching with business owners and sales professionals I'm amazed at how few of them actually take the time to plan out their day. Everybody knows that if we fail to plan we [...]

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[Video] What Everybody Ought to Know About Leadership

What defines a good leader? How do you know if you're a good, average, or poor leader? Check out this brief video and see where you rank as a leader.  It is short and informative [...]

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